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Have Fun,   Play Music,   Make Friends

Have Fun

If you were in a band in school, or are in one now, you know how much fun it is.  If you ever have played your guitar or banjo at parties, you know what it's like.  Playing for people is exciting.  At parades, the crowds at the curb scream and cheer when the Denville String Band passes by.  At concerts, the audience claps and some even dance.  It's a great thrill.

Play Music

Music is a great hobby.  If you played once, now would be a good time to get back to it.  Or, if you would like to improve, there is nothing like playing regularly with other people.  Even if you are already in a school band but want to improve your playing, try joining the Denville String Band.  You'll get better fast.  Experienced Band members are always ready to help newcomers over the rough spots

Our primary instruments are strummed banjos, all varieties of saxophones, accordions, and string bass.  We can also use clarinets, guitars, and keyboard at concerts.  Non-musicians are needed too to carry the banner in front, strut in costume to warm up the crowd, and help in numerous other ways.  Sorry, no brass instruments such as trumphets or trombones.

Make Friends

The Band's culture is friendly and welcoming.  We go out of our way to make newcomers feel comforable.  We welcome all genders and ages from teenager to retired.  Band members come from all walks of life and have all levels of music ability.

Current members come from all over Northern NJ from Hopatcong to Montclair.  If you walk in the door, you might meet a neighbor.

How To Join

The easiest way to join the Band is to come to a rehearsal.  Rehearsals are on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:00 at our clubhouse at 10 Station Rd, Denville.  Just bring your instrument and stick your head in the door.  You'll be welcomed.  Or, if you are nervous about it, leave your instrument in the car and come in and just listen.  Lot's of people do.

The Band often has jobs on Monday evenings so it's always good to check before you come.  If we know you're coming we can look out for you.  Come a little early so we can help you get set up and meet everyone.

There is no charge to be in the Band.