Welcome to the home page of the Denville String Band -- a New Jersey band that entertains in the tradition of the Philadelphia Mummers.   
Mummers String Bands originated in Philadelphia. 

Denville 2017
In a tradition that continues annually on New Years day morning, thousands of Mummers march through the city in a parade now sponsored by the city of Philadelphia.  Most of the participants are in spectacular costumes, but most marchers do not play instruments.   Many of the parade's spectators look forward to hearing the 18 or so Philadelphia-area String Bands.  The combination of saxophones, banjos, accordions and glockenspiel is a distinctive and unforgettable sound.

In Denville? The Denville String Band (DSB) recreates this Philadelphia phenomenon throughout northern New Jersey, performing at 30 or more events each year.   The DSB has acquired authentic musical arrangements written especially for the Philadelphia mummers bands.  In addition, since the Philadelphia bands must create new costumes each year for their big parade, we purchase our "suits" from one of these bands.  Over the years, we have acquired our suits from many of Philadelphia's top prize-winners.  All suits have sequins and bright colors.  The Captain and select band members wear large feather "back pieces" to create an impressive appearance.

DSB musicians vary in age (from high-school thru retirement) and playing ability.  Some members fill important roles in managing the club house and truck, or helping to maintain our parade uniforms and props.  All members enjoy participating in a fun organization that makes music and entertains people. 

We rehearse most Monday nights at our Club House near NJ Transit's Mt.Tabor train stop.  If you want to stop in, you will be welcome -- but play it safe and call (973) 267-2211 to make sure we are meeting that night, since our concert schedule sometimes takes us elsewhere.

Milburn Snowflake Parade

Memorial Day 2016 - "Hot Weather Suits"

Circus Costumes, 2014

Hillbilly Costumes, 2011 Photo-John Marelli http://morris.patch.com/

Gold Rush Costumes, 2010

Cajun Costumes, 2006

Classical Musician Costumes, 2005

Main Street USA Costumes, 2002
Banjo Practice
Thursday Afternoon Banjo Practice at the band house.
A DSB Concert 2008
Concert, Mountain Lakes, NJ, 2014

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